As specialists in Latin America, our services are designed specifically, according to the profile and needs of each client.

Logistics operations offer a comprehensive solution, both marine and air or inter-modal, always backed by the experience and knowledge of our experts in special projects that help you visualize the feasibility of each project to ensure it is always Cost/Benefit convenient.

Our strategic partners in every part of the world have been carefully selected to ensure that the excellence of our service is maintained throughout the process of receipt and delivery of cargo in the country.


Our main customers are composed mostly of large companies in the health sector, laboratories or others that base their needs on the transport of perishable products that require special handling. Furthermore our customers are also those in the textil industry, requiring handling of high value.

We understand the need and demand for care that each specific area requires, and we work to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

Heavy Industrial Equipment

We have a highly specialized division to take care of these types of projects. It means that we have the ability to prepare feasibility studies for large-scale logistics projects spanning from international logistics complemented with local distribution in Brazil.

Express Biologic Service

This is a high-growth category in which we are experts. When it comes to biological shipments matters, the in-vitro logistics requires careful management and experience. We will transport your goods following all the protection parameters such us temperatures ranging from 2C to 8C at -70. We cover all phases: Receiving, packaging, national and international transport, and secure and on-time delivery to the customers.

Textil Cargo

We count on a modern distribution center located in Milan, Italy. Created exclusively to serve the textile markets as well as footwear and fashion accessories in general. This way we can offer a unique and experienced logistics service associated with this industry.
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